Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

The first real knife sharpener for the home chef

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Sharp Knives à la Minute

Now you'll never have to worry about dull knives again. Sharpen them to professional sharpness in a matter of minutes. At home, in your own kitchen.

Minimalistic Swedish Design

Zinc Gray

Carbon Black


Innovation at its Finest

Over 50 years of experience in sharpness, now made available for home chefs.

Composite Honing Wheel

Composite honing wheel with integrated polishing agent for razor sharpness

Diamond Grinding Wheel

Fine-grained diamond grinding wheel for professional results

Patented Angle Guide

Precise setting of the sharpening angle with the patented guide

Perfect Edge in Three Simple Steps

With the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener you sharpen the entire bevel of your knife creating a new apex. The low RPM and precise angle setting ensures minimal steel removal and eliminates risk of overheating your edge. Professional sharpness at home!

1. Set preferred edge angle

17° is a good angle to start with if you are unsure of what angle to choose. A small angle will cut more easily, while a large angle will give a stronger edge. 

2. Sharpen on both sides

Insert the knife into the guide. Follow the edge profile and apply gentle pressure, as if you were slicing a tomato. 

3. Hone to final finish

Deburr and polish the knife on the honing wheel to achieve a razor-sharp edge. Also for maintaining your knives between sharpenings.

Friends of Tormek

One of my favorite kitchen tools

First, let me proclaim that the Tormket T-1 Kitchen
Knife Sharpener is one of my most loved kitchen appliances! It’s incredibly sturdy, straightforward to use, and *very* safe. I use it weekly to keep my knives (and fingers) performing their best. This handy little machine has earned a permanent home on my countertop!

Carol Clayton
Vegan Recipe-Creator

Every home chef should have one

My Tormek knife sharpener is to cooking, what music is to dancing. As a chef, in the kitchen it’s not the knife that counts but how sharp it
is. The Tormek T-1 has made sharpening my collection of knives a quick and efficient task - resulting in razor sharp blades every-time.
The knock-on effect is that I have found my work easier, safer and more
enjoyable. I heavily recommend all keen home cooks invest in their own Tormek knife sharpener. 

James Strawbridge
Chef, Author & Food Photographer

Jenny from the saltychilli using the Tormek T-1

A must have for your kitchen

The Tormek T-1 is my most prized kitchen tool! As a recipe developer and stylist I use knives all day, every day and sharpness is absolutely essential for accurate & safe cooking. Not only that but having them at a professionally sharp level makes cooking a true and utter joy. It's a must have for your kitchen.

Jenny Gwynne
Recipe Creator, Writer & Stylist


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